im looking to get a midi keyboard to control reason 3.0 with. it needs to be mac compatible and have at least 49 weighted (this is very important, i dont mind if theyre only semi weighted, but i dont want something super plasticy) keys. im not really bothered all that much about having faders and trigger pads etc, and neither do i need anything that can work as a stand alone keyboard.

any advice people can give me on what would suit my needs would be very much appreciated.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
there's a keyboard by a brand called Alesis. it's totally awesome, though not a full board. but seriously, it is so worth it. get it. i'm not kidding
If all you want is a controller, and weighted matters, MAudio has a great controller, 88 weighted keys and several assignable faders, knobs, etc..... And... It is USB compatible. Brand new $499, probably less now. I used to have one, they are not the best on the market, but are the best in that price range. MAudio is not exactly pro level stuff, but for the money, aint bad either.....
you can get simple 49 key usb midi controllers with nothing but keys for around $150 if you go look at a music store.

or you can do what i did and scour craigslist/ebay/buy and sells for and old used keyboard and use that.

i got an old yamaha keyboard with a bunch of features for $40 with some nice headphones thrown in.

the only thing with older used keyboards is a thing called "note drone" it's when when you release a key the midi signal that says "the key has been released" doesnt get sent properly and the note stays playing after you relase the key. pretty lame. so thats something to consider when you buy used.

thats only when you use it as a midi controller though.