i just bought a protools package today that includes the mbox 1 with protools version 6.1 le and 3 mics 2 pencil condenser and one vocal. anyway i was wonderign what a good preamp and rack gear i should look into buying to get better sounds and compression. i was looking at the line 6 pod rack version for different amps and effects, what equalizer racks are good and maybe a compression rack or reverb im not sure what good companies are for rack gear also with the mbox 1 do you need a mixer or just use the onscreen one protools provides the mbox is only a two mono track input and one stereo
sitck with the line 6 pods, they are used in many of the studios that i have been to and recorded in. i always got what i wanted from line 6. i dont know too much about compression or reverb, i dont use them. plus the guys i have recorded with maily used the pro tools mixer. and the songs turned out pretty good and even.