Here it goes.

My heart is sad and it is torn
I sit on my window sill and cry till im reborn
You said you would be there for me
But now i need therapy

I am sad
Its really bad
I am sad
And also mad

I wrote this poem from the bottom of my heart
But you just dont care, you'll just rip this apart
I sent this out of caring and love you see
But now you make a fool of me



[chorus x2]

If you think this was good please let me know. If you think its bad, youre stupid and not a whiney emo.
this song really speaks to me, like, alot,

we should like, be in a band so we could like , be unhappy
I do think this is bad, but no, I am not a "whiney emo".

Your ideas, that may well have strong feelings from you, have been seen around thousands of times before. Your challenge as a writer is to present these ideas in new and exciting ways. First off, read through the lyrcis tips thread at the top of this page as a guide to the techniques of writing. Then try writing using such techniques like metaphor and imagery, which adds an extra dimension to your pieces. th emore you write, the more you'll improve, so keep on and I'm sure there'll be improvement in the quality and originality of your pieces.
yeah man let's like all chill and cut each others wrists.... i haaaattttee emu guys not emo guys but emu guys sorry