hey im wondering how long youve been playing when you all could first do pinch harmonics

ive been playing for 2 months and a few days ago i found out how to do em
Hmm... Probably a few months after I got my electric, and I got into the whole being good thing. So, about a year.
took like a day to learn em, i mean, to just be able to "sound" them, took me months to be able to throw em into solos and stuff.
ive been playing for about 5 years before actually learning to play pinch harmonics. can hit them easily but havent used em that much
i do them like its nothing now.. i've been playin only 2 years or so.. i figured it out around 5 months i guess
ive been playing around 2 years and i cant do them .... but in all honesty i dont see when id use them in the majority of stuff i play
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ive been playing for 8 months and never really knew about them...but i wanna start learning them...

but right now im trying to learn all the damn notes on the damn fretboard...
and thats wut a lot of my time is going into now
a few months do actually learn HOW to do them, but it took me a few more to be able to voice them right and put them into playing
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Took me like a couple of months to master it completely. Now i use it in every solo i play.
Iunno i learned 4 or 5 months into playing, took a good month to completely master them
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I'd say I tried them about 6 months ago. I'd definatelly say I haven't perfected them but I haven't actually practiced them (just noodling really). When I have songs that require them I'll take the time to nail them...
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