whenever i turn off my krank lately it gives off this bad buzzing sound. what seems to be the problem? its really worrying me
Apart from the tone, you mean?

Sorry, I'm not a Krank fan.

Anyway, maybe the tubes need changing?
that would be the sound of your krank, sucking.

nah just kidding. me thinks the tubes are starting to die.
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or the speaker could be wrecked. i've had that problem with an amp. does it buzz all the time, or only when you play a note?
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guys, he clearly said whenever he turns it off. I dont have a proiblem with my GUITAR amp when i turn it off, but i have this 25 year old amp that i run my music sound system through and everytime you turn it off it buzzes for abotu 5 seconds. but thats prolly just cuz the caps are dying, but in ur krank, its not that old so its prolly not the caps
do you let it standby first (stupid question)?
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bump. i dont really thinnk the tubes need changing cuz htere only about a year old

Valves need changing about every year....
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