would a light gauge set on my acoustic be best for a mix of soloing and rhythm playing? I mean, i play a lot of rhythm, but I would like to have strings that can bend pretty easily and are good for soloing. i'm used to playing on medium elixirs, but i'm wanting something more bendable. Also, are lighter elixir's the right way to go, or would something like D'addario's or martin's be better for this mix of playing?
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i dont like martins. DRs and Dadds are fine. elixers are easiest to bend because of the coating. (easy on the finger tips)

but in general, any lighter string will be easier to bend then a heavier gauge.
just keep in mind that, going lighter on an acoustic releases the neck bend and can cause fretbuzz. that's fine, as long u know how to adjust a truss rod, as bridge adjustments arent an option.

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i use elixir extra lights and enjoy them, but that's just me.

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