I'm about to start getting a lot more use out of my guitar, and I wanted to try and get one that's easier to transport than my first guitar, a rather bulky electric hollowbody. I think it's a little less than 10 lbs. It was sort of a gift, and now that I can justify getting a new one of my choice I want to put some thought into it. All my favorite guitarists use LPs, but they're even heavier and a really good one is out of my price range (I'm looking for $400 or preferably lower. And lefty guitars are usually a little more expensive than the regular ones). I know a lot of the LP's tone has to do with the heavy wood so I'm not sure it's possible but does anyone know of a lightweight guitar that has the same sort of tone? Or failing that, just a cheap light guitar that can take a beating? (Edit: crossed the ibanez off my list, crappy wood). Thanks a lot.
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Schecters dude......look at omens and 006's. nice guitar for a good price. they take a beating too. the 006 was my starter and now i plow a damien FR (also not a bad choice).
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Well if you want to get a nice Les Paul for a good price you should check out Agiles.

Maybe something like this?

Agile AL-3000

Check out some of the guitars on that site.
yeh id back the Agile as well nothing but high praise from everybody who owns one. also what amp do you use?