Hey guys, do you think a BC Rich Platinum Virgin would be of good quality? I know, I know, many a people say that BC Riches are CRAPPY guitars, but would it make a good metal guitar? I'd like to know about other people's experiences before I go out and try one, just to be sure that I'm not trying out a guitar that sounds good now but will become crappy later. Every now and then, I tend to play some good ole fashion rock, but I mostly play metal. Oh yeah, and also, I use a Randall RG75DG3 Amp, just in case it helps. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts .
I own a Platinum Virgin, I love it. The pickups aren't great in it, but I've replaced mine. I used the original pickups on it for a long time. I love the guitar. I say try 'er out.
platinum series sucks.
You can actually get used usa made bc riches from the 80s for around $500 i believe chrisguitars.com has some.
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