Hey guys, I just got back from Guitar Center and bought a Boss RC-20XL Looper station for $250. Only problem is that the instructions are in Japanese, and this is not a simple pedal to figure out. So far I've figured out how to record loops, play over them and overdub, and I also figured out how to erase tracks. There are a trillion other buttons, and if anyone who owns one could give me a brief rundown of some of the other features, I would be very thankful


P.S. Is $1400 a good price for a used Mesa Boogie Mark IV 112 Combo?

EDIT: And should I use this straight through the front of my amp, or should I put it in the effects loop?
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If you're still confused from the English manual, I've got one and I think I've pretty much figured it out. Feel free to PM me and ask any questions about it.
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