I only have his last 2 albums (Happiness in Magazines & Love Travels at Illegal Speeds) but he's incredible. Great guitar player and lyricist too. To me the last album in particular was like a cross between the Jam and the Buzzcocks which is heaven!

Anyone else a fan?
Yeah his stuff is really cool. I only have Love Travels... but I like it a lot! Some songs are like punk just with great solos and lyrics hah.
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Happiness in magazines is a really good album, but he is really depressing...sometimes
i've been meaning to get one of his cds forever, i love blur and the few songs of his that i've heard i really like as well,

are all of his album more in the punkier sort sound?
The last 2 definitley were punky.

I think that he's always been a big punk fan, but that side of him was really stifled during the Blur years.
The last two are just good fun pop rock, with a bit of punk stuff in there. Check out the single Freakin' Out.
Happiness in Magazines is his best. Crow sit on blood tree and sky is too high are good as well. Golden D is fantastic and Love Travels is ok.
I liked his work with Blur better, but that's not to say that I am not a huge fan of the stuff he's doing now.