Hey. I'm looking at finally getting a new guitar. I've had a Squire Bullet and Behringer 15 watt for about 8 months now, and I just got a Korg Tonewoks Ax10 (or something like that) pedal. Now that I know I will stick with guitar and I'm not so terrible, I want to get some better gear. I'm looking at spending under $400. I don't know what is more important to get given the currect situation I'm in, a guitar or an amp. I did just buy a Samick 22 watt amp for $10 which I kind of like (more than my other one at least), so I'm leaning towards the guitar.

I'm able to live with my Squire Bullet, but I don't know for how long.

* It's pickup's are really loose (I don't know how to tighten them, all I can do is raise/lower them)

* the A string breaks much more frequently than any other string (I've broken 3 strings in the last two months, all A strings)

* the high notes don't ring for very long at all (i don't know if that's the guitar, amp or pedal, but I've tried the guitar with both amps and it doesn't hold the notes on either)

* there's 21 frets, I would like 22, but that's not a big deal

*when I put on overdrive and the gain all the way up, unless the pickups are on bridge it starts to screach like crazy, is this normal?

* and finally, it sucks

Okay. So I'm looking for new guitars in the $300 or $400 price range.

I like:

* humbuckers instead of single coil from what I've heard

* would like 22 easily reachable frets or more

* something that feels like my Squire Bullet <- That's not very important, I can always get used to different feel

* not really looking for wammy bar or floyd rose set up, I don't think I'd be using it that much

* something suited for metal or rock (I play mostly Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold)

* I don't care much about looks

* I will be be buying from a local guitar center, so something they have (like, I don?t know if they sell agiles)

* not a double-neck (not that you?d recomend one to me most likely, but just to make sure... I tried one and I have no clue how people do it..)

So, here are a few guitars I have been looking at:

Ibanez ARC300DVS- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-ARC300DVS-Electric-Guitar?sku=517968

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-Artcore-Series-AS73-Electric-Guitar?sku=519473

Shecter Damien 6- http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Damien-6-Electric-Guitar?sku=513102 (I like this because it has EMG?s which I?ve heard are good)

I tried out the Epiphone G-400 and I hated how it felt, so please don?t suggest it.

Okay, now, could you please recomend some good guitars either listed here or not (just looking for the best I can get) that are in my price range. Thanks for any suggestions.

BTW: Could you please state why you?re recommending a guitar, that way I can compare what?s good about certain guitars and make a good choice when I finally buy one. Again, thanks for any help.
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personally i think those ibanez'ez feel cheap the schector has better tone but its up to you
if your gonna get an ibanez i would recommend the rg series because they sound great with EMG's. Those that you posted aren't worth paying that much for they look like LP's. Here is a link to the rg series: http://ibanez.com/guitars/series.asp?s=rg&l=e
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If you're looking for a new, better amp check out Roland Cube 60 or Vox Valvetronix AD50, both will give you your money's worth. For guitars, sounds like a Epi would be good for you by your description but I don't know the quality you'll get for $400...maybe Schecter or Ibanez would be better but not sure the prices on Schecter and I only look into Ibanezs with trems
Hmm... so it doesn't sound like those Ibanez I was looking at are a good idea. Okay.

The epi Les Paul I will check out (hopefully I'll be going to Guitar Center this weekend), but my friend has one of the epi les paul's and I was not all that impressed with. It was a $250 guitar though, so maybe the price difference would make all the difference.

The Damien I really like from what I've seen (it looks amazing), and what I've heard, so it's definately one of my top choices.

I looked at that link you gave me Bpags868, and I didn't see any prices. I looked on Musiciansfriend and typed in rg with no results, so I typed Ibanez and then looked at all their guitars, and the only RG I saw was a 7 string which I don't think I want. If you know what ones of those RG's are in my price range and could tell me that'd be great, because then I could go to Guitar Center and ask them if they have them.

- Pulling Teeth - When I go to look at some guitars, I will see if I think a guitar or an amp will make the most difference. If I end up looking at amps, I will be sure to check those out. I will probably also check out the Spider something in my price range. My friend has one and I'm pretty impressed with it.

Thanks for the help guys.
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Dont get a damien, get a used schecter c1 off ebay. Schecters are the best fixed bridge set neck guitars in there price range imo.
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Find a used Fender Strat Japanese model off ebay. They're around $400. No better buy than that.

great neck, mahogany body, pretty good pickups, amazing fret access

so its great feel with good tone
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Not sure how good those EMGs actually, don't buy for just a brand. I think the best are 81/85/60. You may even be better off with Seymour Duncans...you'd almost definetly have to upgrade your amp to really exploit EMGs or any new pickups you have.

If buying an Ibanez, you may as well get one with a Wizard neck and Edge trem, that's really what they're known for. There are some hardtail-type Ibanezs, but I don't have any links though, sorry.

Most ESPs under $600 seem to be agathis bodies so I won't recommend any by them. Low end Jacksons are also pretty crap...so yeah, try looking through all of Ibanez guitars, and the Epis. Maybe an Epi Explorer? I've always liked the looks and feel of them.
i think any ibanez feels best for metal
but in time they will need pickup changes
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Its $550, which I know is over your price range, but what about the Ibanez Iceman? I've heard good things about it.
-Pulling Teeth- I looked up the Epi Explorer and Flying V, both don't seem to be what I'm looking for. For the Flying V a review said it's not good through weak gear (my amp at the moment), so I don't think those.

As for the Wizard neck (whoever suggested RG321, thank you), the Rg321 has it, but I'm not sure on the Edge Tremelo. After reading the review on that guitar it seems to be pretty much what I'm looking for. It doesn't have the greatest pcikups (from what I've gathered), but I'd still have nearly $100 more to replace them if needed, or save for an amp in the future. So the RG321 is definately on the list of guitars to check out.

-ScottishAngus, af2w131f- Thank you for the suggestions but I would prefer not to use ebay. I really want to get whatever I'll be getting from Guitar Center because there I can see what I'm going to buy, and I can also try out many other guitars for comparison. Thank you though.

-Pulling Teeth- Okay, there's another choice. I could wait longer and eventually get a more expensive guitar such as the Iceman (which looks good to me), but that would definately make my chances of getting a decent amp within a year or two slim to none. I don't know. I'm thinking I need a good amp and a good guitar rather than a great guitar (or great amp), and a weak amp (or weak guitar). So I'm leaning towards going with a cheaper guitar, but I will keep my mind open and check out some of the more expensive guitars (Iceman), and see what I think.

Thank you all for the suggestions and help!
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-"Okay daddy, almost ready."

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I have the RG321MHGN and I actually like the pickups. Just try them out before you chuck them on ebay.