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This is a great band from Canada playing some ridiculously good Extreme Progressive Metal. I call them that because they mix so much genres is very difficult to describe them, so ill jusr call them that way.

They have released 2 full lenght's and one EP:
Utopia (Full Length)1999
We, Invaders (EP)2003
In A Flesh Aquarium (Full Lenght) 2006

Since there's no real way to describe them, you wont understand what im saying unless you hear them out. So im willing to send a small sampler including my favorite songs by them, you only need to post your mail and yo ushall receive some songs by them in a couple of days.

If this thread is illegal, please close it.
Do they have a site?
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I remember listening to them a while back, they sounded good, but incorporated maybe a bit too many genres. But bands from Quebec always = \m/
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and here's their myspace (conveniantly located on their front page but hey, I'm saving you a whole link!!!)

Ummm...Megalomaniac Trees freaked me out. Other than the boring intro, Novae is pretty cool but it gets sorta gay again like halfway through.

I don't know; they're a little out there.
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I was just about to make a thread on these guys...absolutely brilliant. _We, Invaders kicks ass as does Utopia. I just pre-ordered their new one In a Flesh Aquarium, from what I've heard, also kickass. I definitely recommend this band.
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insideac send me some of their stuff. We, Invaders and Novae were pretty cool. I liked them, but they're kinda weird at times.
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Theres like 4 different forms of vocals. Thats pretty cool.
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Yeah they have like 3 or 4 vocalists, they're pretty nuts.

In a good way.
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This is my 5th account and I still havn't made any friends

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These guys are my favorite band of all time now. Ive always been looking for evil carnival type music, and when I found these dudes, I fell in love immediately. I dont see how its "too much going on" for some of you guys..Try to listen to it as a whole, I love it .

Thats right IbaRGnez, I did show you :-D. My favorite song by them is Summoning Scenes, and I love the song Another Dissonant Chord, 10 seconds into the song.
they're doing a live show soon, so I might just go and see what kind of show they put on.
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Something tells me these guys are a little ahead of their time.

That being said I still think there are parts where there are too many different things going on. Sometimes it works well and others it doesn't for me.
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Something tells me these guys are a little ahead of their time.

Indeed. Its sad to say, but I dont think these guys are getting far very soon...hopefully some time in the future though. It seems they are a bit too chaotic and too much things are going on for the average listener. It seems like they just had a small burst of fame though, as they just did a US tour and are now touring in Canada, and people on here and stuff are finding out about them everywhere. lets try to spread the word, woot!
Im glad there is a small fan base in here.

Sampler will be out tonight, for the only person who wants it.
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or you can wait till the 22nd, in two days, and order their full album. Thats what Im doing, Im buying all 3 CDs...We need to support these guys They deserve it
Too random for me to enjoy.
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Ok, since im too lazy to make a sampler, ill just send the latest album. Sure no one else wants it?
nice idea, but there's way too much stuff. even for a progressive band. not my thing.
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Yea, I can only enjoy some parts, but yes, very very random.

Like when the chick starts singing on Megalomaniac Trees like halfway through the song, it just sounds gay. I like the nice add of the crazy circus theme in it though.
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Still, it's a decent goo:bad ratio.

And here I was, thinking most goo was bad... Astonishing...

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Too random for me to enjoy.

NONSENSE! These guys remind me of a more metal Mr. Bungle. I absolutely love it. If anyone has an album, please PM me with it.
in a flesh aquarium was the best metal release last year
absolutely love it
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wouldnt go that far, but aye, quality album. i love THIS, tho the editing on the video itself is kinda stupid.
UneXpecT is a metal laboratory mixing elements of black, death, core, symphonic, progressive and melodic metal; classical, operatic, medieval, goth, electro, ambient, psychotic, noise and circus music with an occasional jazzy touch.

Now that's Something !
Nice. Who wrote that?

I'm not into this band a whole lot, but the music is interesting. It's starting to grow on me a little.
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