Right now ive got my Ibanez RG350 tuned to standard with .9s, im wanting to know if .10s will be thick enough for drop C and if so, what really do i have to do to my tremolo to tune that low?
I would put at least 11's for drop C. To tune that low on a floyd rose, you might have to adjust the spring tension, but i dont know that much about FR's.
IDK that much either but i think he's right an FR would float back too much unless you put heavier guage strings on like .11 - .13s to maintain the tension on the springs. besides, if you put light strings on and tune that low it will sound like crap.
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I wouldn't do it with a FR sine you have to reintonate your guitar and that is a MAJOR pain in the ass. And don't get 11's since it will raise your bridge. Keep the same gauge and tuning, but get a different guitar for drop tuning, unless if you are very patient and don't mind working a lot then here is the link on how to do it. http://floydrose.com/originaltremolo.html
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If you're willing to do it, then do it, otherwise dont. If you're changing string gauges to drop C, then 11s-13s will be good, 10s is just too low. By changing the string gauge, you also might need to change the truss rod, action and intonation. It isnt hard at all, just time consuming.

So now that you know what you have to do and the consiquences or however you spell it, are you willing to do it?
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11's minimum really for a drop C tuning. You'll probably find that they are a bit loose even then too. So you might go 12's. But switching gauges that far apart is gonna screw up all your FR settings. So you'll have to do some adjusting with the spring tension and so on.
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Actually with EB power slinkies .011s (eww) they can do well in Drop C, they just lack the thick sound needed, it's EB anyway.

Besides skinny top heavy bottom.