i wanted to but some emg pickups but i was told that they took batteries. so will someone please tell me if they do take batteries.
dont worry about the batteries they usually last a year before being replaced.
just make sure to unplug the cable from the guitar when no in use.
I think its about 1500 hours of use for Active EMGS untill a new battery is needed.
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Quote by Cone 21
I think its about 1500 hours of use for Active EMGS untill a new battery is needed.

Really.. I thought it was around 3000.. but i guess 1500 for two?

I havent had to change mine for a long time... almost forgot it had batteries
yeah, I usually get about 6 months to a year depending. I usually change them just as maintenance though, I've never run them until they were fully dead. You can tell in the tone when they start dying, the output just starts to drop a little. Also, with any more than 2 actives, I like to use another battery in series for 18V across the circuit. It's supposed to give crisper transients and more headroom according to EMG. If you wire them in parallel, it's still only 9V still, but it will last twice as long as a single battery.
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1 pickup will last 3000 hours on 1 battery, 2 pickups, 1500 hours.
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