Probably gonna enter this in the contest. It only took me an hour to do. Put a little new spin on it. Played it all myself, cause I dont have a band anymore Let me know what you think. http://wg3.dmusic.com Look under "covers".
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This is awesome! best wonderwall cover ive heard on here yet! Awesome job man, one hour to do this all urself is great! is it a drum machine? digital drums? backing track?? did i hear keys?
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I like the diffrent guitar parts, mostly the "intro solo" that you added, but the vocals could use a little work.

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That is awsome, ive just been working on a few covers the last few days - this one included, not really done anything other than guitar and vocals though really. Yours is definatly better than mine very good job
Unborn-Wow I didnt expect that. Thanks. The drums are a mix between real and computer gererated (the snare is real for eg) No backing track its all from scratch. There is a piano part in there but its kind of lost in the mix, the strings are clear i think. The reason it only took me a hour was that most parts were on the very first take (Vox, bass, guitar, drums, strings) the only thing i went back on where the little electric guitar parts on the second verse and the outro.

zeppfan- Thanks. What specifically do you think about the vox need work?

Spud-leeds- Hey another Spud on here! Thanks man for the vote of confidence. I would love to hear some of your stuff, let me know when you get it up and running.
Now Is Not The Time To Cry....Now's The Time To Find Out Why!!!!
I really liked it. Wonderwall covers are a dime a dozen, but you actually made it original, very good version if you ask me, I like the vocals too.
ur voice is good in cannonball, but at parts its forced....work on that....
My 2 cents.

Like the concept, but it could be cleaned up.

Intro is nice, but I think it could have been better if you let the just normal acoustic introduction start, and wait a bit to play the intro. It just kinda, all comes in at once and seems kinda crowded.

WHOA. Turn down the echo. Way too much there.

Vocals are okay, but I think the echo kinda shallows it out a lil bit, like I said there's a little too much there. (maybe it's more so reverb than echo.)

I think during the verses as well, you should back out on the leads, or, even better, EQ it so the acoustic is more-so the strong point to it.

Like I said, love the concept, but it could still be cleaned up a bit.
Holy **** man, I seriously think I like this better than the original!

GREAT job! 10/10!

I'm gonna check out some originals you have on dmusic in a bit, busy at the moment though. :P
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Your bridge is better than the oasis version. And thats saying somethin.

9/10 from me. Nice work
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Its pretty good! i like how you didn'tt just do a cover over a backing track, or just play it on acoustic like every other Wonderwall cover on here. But at times, it does feel as if you are forcing your voice to get notes it cant reach. I'd give ya 10/10, but it could be tightened up as a performance on the whole, so i'll give ya 8/10 IMHO