Have you guys seen this site? It seems half their tabs are wrong, however they have a disclaimer on them so it might survive the MPA (Thier mascot is kick ass too). Anyway, has anyone else gone their and seen good stuff and would recommend it or is it just a crap site?
i have been there...most of the tabs seem off, i prefer this site but im sure not all the tabs are wrong
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it's good for some stuff. it has lessons like for jazz and funk and stuff.has scales and stuff
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if i cant find a tab here, i usually find it there. i think the error margins on the tabs are about the same as on this site though.
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It has a couple of tabs that I can't find here, but I don't want to be a dick and blatantly copy them and put them on UG. Anybody else want to have a go? :P
okay so its an alright site for us bassists cuz it has lots of songs in which ug only has guitar tabs.
Its okay. some of them are right and some are wrong.
i cant find any forums there.Are there any?????.
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It has a couple of tabs that I can't find here, but I don't want to be a dick and blatantly copy them and put them on UG. Anybody else want to have a go? :P

Just leave all of thier contact details and shizz in it. i've done that, and had no problems. if i changed anything, i just pointed it out
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i like that site. the mascot does kick ass
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Bassmasta is full of 12 y/o kids that spend or waste their time uploading Smells like teen spirit tabs. I used to go there all the time...but it just got annoying...
My advice is not to learn songs by tab unless you are only just starting bass.

If you learn them by ear or through sheet music, you will build you musical/bass skills much faster.
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They have a wider variety of bass tabs then any other tab site I've seen. Which is pretty cool. The only problem is that most of them are **** tabs, so you have to transcribe a little bit. But it's not going to hurt you is it? Haha
i use it when i can't find tabs here, very hit and miss, but usually better than nothing.
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I use them on occasion, but I don't expect the tabs to be perfect. I'll use them to get a rough idea then play it my own way anyways. I think it's a good site though...