My friend and I either have low confidence or low ability, or both. But we were looking for a good song to play with two different guitars that isn't too hard. We'd like to do some Guns N' Roses or Metallica, but when we get to the solo we just can't do it yet, or we aren't practicing enough to play it well. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions, and yes I've looked at the thread for beginner songs, but I can't really find anything we can agree on. Maybe we're aiming too high, or expecting too much of ourselves, but we just want to play something that makes us feel good and say 'Wow, we finally got it'. Any suggestions are appreciated.
well just do some easy metallica or gnr and just improvise over the solos ?

Try some acdc, they're pretty easy to cover with 2 guitars
I'm looking at Tenacious D, and maybe we could try to improvise on the solos, or try AC/DC, thanks so far.
Just cut out the solos then...I'd hate to recommend punk or any of that garbage but if you really want to play full songs, seems like that's the way to go.

Or just tough it out and learn solos together, whatever...
Just take everything you play slow. Admitting your ability is low and playing something slower than it should be so u can practice it is twice as good as thinking ur hot **** and playing a hard song sloppy and horrible messing up every 10 notes or so. You want to practice something just a little bit better than u think you are until u get it that way u know ur improving. Nothing just comes in a instant.
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Thanks so far, I especially liked the advice from StringsRequired, that helped my confidence a little
Ha, your welcome. Anything that helps.

Also i'd be willing to assist u in any way I can if u would like to chat on Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger.
"Speed is nothing without control" - Bart Frydrychowitcz

Mark Morton is a God

Schecter Gryphon Diamond Series Limited Edition
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Peavey Transtube 110efx
Don't know if you're into Opeth or not but the stuff I've heard from them isn't too hard. You could try "The Drapery Falls." There's a vid on youtube of them dissecting it so you could use that to help you learn it as well.

For some easy Metallica you could do Nothing Else Matters, or try Enter Sandman and Seek And Destroy and improvise over the solos. Just some more ideas to throw out there.
Try Rufio Above Me... just kidding. Uh.... some songs to try with 2 guitarists are:
Feeder: Buck Rogers

Fallout Boy: Sugar we're going down

Franz Ferdinand: The Fallen

Nirvana/David Bowie: The Man Who Sold The World

The Living End: All Torn Down

Bloc Party: Helicopter.

These songs are quite simple, and take almost no time to learn. Great confidence boosters for a band who are just starting out.
To StringsRequired: All I have is AIM, so I guess you really couldn't help me out, unless I got Yahoo or MSN. But to everyone else, thanks yet again, I'm going to have to keep this thing marked so I can keep up with all the suggestions.
Ya if u get MSN or Yahoo just private me later. Peace.
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I know just the song, look at She Sells Sanctuary by the Cult, just rhythm a few easy lead riffs and the solo is 3 notes over and over, plus the crowd loves it
banquet by bloc party. sounds really good if u do it rite. its also very easy
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Did that help your confidence?
for guns n roes stuff try patience as an acoustics style piece and dont cry it has basic arpeggios and an easy solo, or you could just strum out the chords thats how i first learnt the basics of the song
if your a fan learn some of the old avenged sevenfold easy solos if any and lots of harmonized sections. unholy confessions is a good one.
improvise the solos....

an easy metallica song to jam is the call of ktulu, the distorted part is made of mostly 3 rythim riffs and 3 leads
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same problem in my band, had a guitar contest and had a small audience to judge who should stay (11 ppl or so) and i won.

good 2 guitar songs

System of a down-Aerials
Boston- More than a Feeling
Alot of green day songs
alot of blink 182 songs

These are there so no matter what skill level you can pretty much pick up both guitar parts in under a week. have fun
ok a good one for you to look at is very little known song by the offspring off their Ignition album. Forever and a Day. a friend and i performed it at school for something and has two distinct guitar parts, a moderate solo, and is overall a good song to play.
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yea stay together for the kids is a good song so is good riddance
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Check the list stickied in this forum. I'm sure a lot of those have two guitars.
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Well to anyone who still knows this forum exists, I took the advice of StringRequired and took it slow, I decided on Enter Sandman.. Today I've almost got the solo down pat, and my friend and I can play it together and we like the way it sounds, I have a bit of a problem with my wah, so if you think you can help, go check out my other forum..

And yes Jimmy94.. that did help my confidence
Iron Maiden - Can I Play with Madness?

Very easy solo.
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Wow, thanks frenchyfungus, if the other guys like it, that's definitely our next song, I like the powertab (version 1) I don't know if it's right, but I hope it is
If you're into Weezer, play some of their stuff. They've got 2 guitars in almost every song and most of their solos are easy (Island In The Sun...)