Hello im new to this forum and i started taking lesson on guitar for the first time, which is once a week for 45 minutes. How long do you guys think it will take me to become a decent player if i was determined? Which i think i am currently
2 years without lessons. 1-2 years depending on ur determination and teacher. It also depends on what music your striving to learn.
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I've been playing for about 7 or 8 months without lessons, I don't suck, but I'm not anything special either lol

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what have you learned for chords or scales so far
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single notes- c scale
chords- G, Em, Am, D7 is what i learned so far which was one lesson
It's really impossible to tell. Some people have more natural ability than others. I've been playing for over 30 years and have MANY times met teenagers who could play circles around me!
yeah it definitely depends on your own natural abilities and your own work ethic. i'd say on average if a person actually plays their guitar regularly (i.e. 2-3 hours a week) it would take around 2 years of playing to become what i'd call decent.
that's great that you got a teacher, they are immensely helpful if they drag you in the right direction.

Are you learning the classical guitar?? Even if you don't really listen to the classical guitar, i personally think it's better to start off learning the theory of it, and familiarising yourself with fingerpicking.. it all comes in handy.

As to your question on how long it will take you to get decent... well i would say practice at LEAST an hour a day. Getting 'good' at the guitar is subjective ... i don't think i'm 'good' yet, but some people do.

hey Pillah,

well it shouldnt take you that long at all to start getting used to the guitar. the thing with it is you only get out what you put in. so make sure you keep practcing. theres some good online courses. some of them you have to pay for but alot are free. i started out using the free course on http://www.eguitarbuddy.com. that course got me started. there are loads of other ones about you just have to look. just check some out.

hope that helps.