ok, the name is completely dumb, imo, but its just a start, i wrote the main melody a long time ago, and i need to add bass, im planning to make it a lot longer, like stuff from DarkSonata, but let me know what you think, any comments are welcome and wanted, thanks for listening!!!

(midi is also included)
Remains of the Night.zip
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i think the intro triplets are weird personally, they really interfere with the flow of the music. and i think u approached the piano too muhc like a guitarist... the piano isnt just a cool effect its a whole differnet instrument with its own vibe, id take total advantage of that

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thanks ouchies, lol, and for sparks, lol, i am a guitarst, lol, but i know what you mean, and i agree, the piano, was just there for the intro, and then, i did a lot of changes, and it kinda stayed that through out the whole thing, but its just a work in progress, and this main riff is from so long ago, i have no idea where to take it, and ive had countless ideas, and this was the only decent one, imo, lol, but thanks for the comments!!!
great, i really like the fade in, and great piano!
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Hey, thanks for critting mine. I like this, I didnt really mind the triplets. I like the piano part in measure 15 the best, it has a cool vibe to it.
I like how it sounds completely. The triplets are good. And the part is well written... The only thing I could hear/see, were the last 4 notes of the song. They sounded out of tune with each other, but other than that, good to go. =)
yah, they do kinda clash, i put an extra little thing at the end to try and change it up, it sometimes sounds ok, and sometimes sounds off, lol, but i agree with you, and thanks for the crits!!!
The song was pretty sweet...I liked it pretty much overall. It just needs to be longer since it is pretty short. As well, those 4 notes at the end do kinda clash
i can see what you're trying to do with it but it just seems like there's somethign missing, and tbh i didnt notice any problem with the triplets at the beginning
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Sounds cool to me, I always like good piano stuff. Triplets seemed fine, and the theme that started in measure 15 was the best part.
Hey, in the intro, on the last bar (where the triplets were), I think you went out of key. I don't know if that was on purpose or not, it just didn't sound right. But other than that, it was good.
yeah man piano is a different instrument and all so use that to your advantage. those triplets do sound weird though.
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I liked it. The triplets were a little different, but that's not all bad. The part from measures 15-22 was my favorite. Nice work, keep adding to it.

Thanks for the crit.
That was pretty cool, to me it sounded like it would be a theme song for a show or something lol but thats just me. Overall excellent work, my favourite part is from bar 27 till the end, it sounds really good.
wow that was good. kinda sounds like something Nobuo Uematsu (spelling?) would do! this definitely sounds professional and i cant think of anything else that could make it better.
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hey, i like the feel of this song, for a midi it actually sounds pretty good. the background part goes really well with it, you should keep workin on it. thanks for the crit of spiral galaxy
With the triplet part in the intro, what sounds bad is that 12th fret (B) note. That should be a Bb, 11th fret. Change it, and you'll see what I mean. You've got the right tonal idea in this piece, and I can really feel what you tried to do here. What I think you could really do is expand past straight 8th notes plus a few triplets, and get more syncopated, and add different rythm patterns.