Well, after I got what-I-thought was going to be a decent 12-string Epiphone off eBay, I took it into a shop for a new nut (the old one was crappy.) The guy puts on the nut, then the strings, and then tries to tune the guitar up, but it turns out that the neck has a huge bow in it and it cannot be repaired because the truss has already stripped the inside of the neck.

To make matters worse, the guitar has a bolt on neck, and the neck was reset by the owner before me, and he did a shitty job doing it, so now whenever you tune it up, the neck starts to lift off the guitar. The guitar is now unplayable. I think I should contact the seller who said in the item description that the guitar was in good shape. What should I do?

Basically, I got fucked via eBay.

EDIT: Here's a pic of the neck lifting.
I'm no expert, but the first thing you should definitely do is contact the seller for a refund or compensation for the bill you'll receive.

Consider having your neck reset again - but by a proper luthier - I think you've actually lucked out because bolt on necks are easier and cheaper to reset. Good luck

Oh, and what do you mean it's been stripped of the truss rod? Like it's been taken out?

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Holey crap!!!! I don?t use eBay so I don?t know there policies but I would most defiantly get a hold of that guy. BTW what Brand is it?
It's an Epiphone. Oh yeah, and sorry bout the shitty pic quality!
How did it look & play before YOU took it in for the new nut? Unfortunantly just like some mechanics, not all so called "luthiers" are honest. I've had experiences where I took a guitar in for a adjustment/repair that the guy stated he could definanly do. And then AFTER paying found that he had done little or nothing and the problem still existed. One guy even offered to work on it again, for a new charge. I've learned the hard way to Always try to get references.
This might not be the case,but did he quote you a new price to fix it?
Anyway, I doubt there much you can do to the ebay seller except complain to Ebay (useless) and give him bad feedback. I assume several days have passed since you received the guitar. And His ace in the hole will be that the guitar was damaged by YOUR luthier.
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Also, just as I looked at the neck, the bound fingerboard is lifting off of the neck!

And to la bamba, the truss rod is still intact with the guitar, but unadjustable, because it has stripped the inside of the neck where the truss rod runs.
www.stewmac.com just recently started selling something that was supposed to help save broket truss rods. I don't know exactly what is wrong with your truss rod so I can't tell you they would work for you but you might want to look into it.

As for the neck reset. Untill about 10 years ago epi bolt on necks had a design flaw that causes all sorts of probles with the neck. If the guitar is more than 10 years old then it isn't worth fighting with. If it's newer than 10 years old and it's solidk wood construction then the guitar is probably worth getting a new neck made for it. You might be able to get one off of www.lmii.com that will work.
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