Hey, I just have a quick question. I think I screwed up my pickups and I was wondering if anyone could help. I had some extra 1/4" jacks lying around, so I connected three of them to make a cable splitter so me and my bro could play two guitars through a one input amp. I connected all of the tips and all of the grounds. We were playing for a while and then my brother turned down the volume on his guitar, and my guitar stopped working. So he turned it back up again and it started working again. Same thing happened when I changed my volume. I got kind of worried and realised his guitar's signal was being pumped backwards through my pickups, so unplugged his guitar and just played normal through my amp. The sound was alot less clear, and it seemed "hotter". Am I paranoid or can this really ruin a pickup? did it ruin my amp? Thanks inadvance.

PS if it matters, I had 3 single coils, and he had 2 humbuckers.
Lol you prob messed somethinging up bad. 2 guitars into 1 amp can freaking destroy a amp fast. Thats worse than tryin to pump ur cd player audio into then play guitar with it. You prob killed ur amp electronics by over heating them or u might have just killed your pickups since u think his signal was going into yours but in that case I would think his guitar would be messed up as well. Anyways See What Ignorance Gets You.
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Wasn't made to help it was to point out the stupidity of tryin to play 2 guitars on 1 amp and possibly messing up expensive equipment when u coulda just bought 2 amps.

It was in no way made to help.
"Speed is nothing without control" - Bart Frydrychowitcz

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Schecter Gryphon Diamond Series Limited Edition
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Peavey Transtube 110efx
It was a pretty dumb call, but yes i am ignorant. So help me out, if I put two guitars into one amp, how could that fry the electronics? I mean, the amp certainly wasn't loud unough to damage the speaker. How do I find if I really did fry the amp, or pickups, and how do I fix it?
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well if you overloaded the amp, something could have easily fried, But thats not saying very much...I dont know a whole lot about the contruction of amps, but im willing to bet there are many places where somehting could have fried...

You could always just take it to a guitar store or center or something and have them look at it
Crazy question, would it be bad to keep the amp as is, broken and all. I mean, it still plays and everything. In other words, could I hurt it more by playing on it? Its a spider II and the hotter (albeit slightly busted) sound is actually a little deeper and more favorable than its initial sound. Or, should i sell it for the 190$ I bought it for and get a new amp. What do you think?
I doubt you fried anything, unless you had some kind of active boost you were running. All a volume pot does, is allow the signal from the pickups to go to ground. When you had both guitars hooked up on a Y cable, you essentially made one circuit, so either volume pot will ground the signal and cut volume.
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I dont think that anything is fried, worst comes to worst, your amp's sound will probably "break". I dunno how to actually explain this "broken" sound, but it mostly happen to very old amps or too abused amps, sound sometimes cuts off, and it doesnt sound as good as before. For example, the bass can sometimes fade out in moments and much more, i've experienced this on my very old Crate GX-15.

Also another thing is, your ear probably feels different playing together with your bro, so actually its not the amp thats causing the problem, its ur ears. Jaming with another person will feel different when playing alone. Hopefully thats the cause...

Anyways, there's no turning back now, just play it and see if its still bad, what i would do is to let the amp rest for about couple of hours before turning it back on.
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I seriously need a hand, can I continue playing on the amp or would that be dangerous and hurt the amp.

Dont worry, its just an impedance mis-match. Guitar pickups and amps are "matched" to work in one impedance. Same with guitar pedals and so on. So, having 2 guitars into one amp resulted in an impedance mis-match and sound did not come through. Usually amps are made to tolerate a 2:1 mis-match. so, in that range you were able to hear some sound. When you crossed that limit, no sound comes out. Just try with a regular cable and guitar and you should be fine. If you are having too many problems, then please take it to a repair shop. I do appreciate your lil "experiment" !!


BTW, an impedance is to AC as resistance is to DC. Dont ask me anymore, I might just confuse myself and everyone else.

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