Time for new gear. I've thought of what I want, but haven't gotten to try most of it because the store's in Langley and I'm not. Answer some questions, make comments, suggest stuff and say whatever's relevant.

I play blues, slow blues, fast blues, dirty blues, whatever is blues and, of course, rock. Classic rock, blues rock, hippy rock, protopunk (Bowie, Iggy Pop, V.U. etc.) and so forth. No scary music! No modern pop-punk crap!

Epiphone Valve Special
No specific questions here. Who has one? What do you think about it?
Any suggestions must be within the parameters of...
Three band EQ
Effects loop
No more than $300

Tech 21 American Woman Overdrive
Is it versatile? Can it produce good blues tone?
Boss SD-1
Any other suggestions?

Guitar Haven't decided on one yet
Epiphone Sheraton II
Epiphone LP-100
Epiphone LP B Stock
Epiphone B Stock Dot
Steinberger GT-1 Pro

My current gear includes
M.R.W. Archtop (my #1 guitar)
Epiphone Les Paul Junior (#2)
Dunlop Crybaby
A broken, ****ty M.R.W. solid state amp, which I'll probably throw out if I can't fix it.
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The Epi Valve series is well liked here on the UG boards, but be sure to get the head if you do get it. The combo is very meh. As for an OD, I'd say a Boss SD-1 should get the job done. As for the guitar, I'd say the B-stocks might be a good deal. If the LP B stock is a Standard or Custom, go for it.
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