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To Pen The Name
8 33%
On Love And Life And Which To Reside
3 13%
Mystery Of The 20th Century
5 21%
Inside A Carnival
8 33%
Voters: 24.

To Pen The Name

Lend your mind a fortnight?s time
To the passage of a dream;
A steady flow of consciousness
That?s rarely what it seems.
Hear what you may;
Hear what I say
And take note of what you like.
Defend the mean,
Commend the end
Or denigrate the Reich.

And listen as the reaper, Time,
Pays homage to the dead
Through cryptic melodies in rhyme
And allegories in red.
From forkèd tongue
To iron lung
Heed to his visionary breath.
The mountaintops,
And pleasure domes
Transcend beyond your death;

Emerge untouched,
You recollect;
The past and future merge.
Sway left and right,
Embrace the night;
Fall victim to the dirge.


On Love And Life And Which To Reside

When the hands of time have elipsed and revolutionized,
and the rich have realized and reached a surmountable epiphany,
towers topple and fall and leave awe in the eyes of many.

When the planets allineate, circle, and astound,
the poor dwell in de-meaning hearts and hoped-for lives,
while the world moves and changes to the sound of a rich tune.

When ravaged waters pound and pulsate scattered shorelines,
winding and curving and finding their way between grains,
etches of time are revealed in the esoteric epitaph below.

And with such a transposition of love and life,
we find the etches of time have begun to decay.
And i begin to notice that time has finally taken my love away.
And as my oblivion approaches it can not decide
between love and life,and in which to reside.


Mystery Of The 20th Century

Moonlight reflections upon a serene flowing stream
Aided by the landscape, which forms an illuminescent view
Shining so bright the ground's hue turns from dark to a light green
So many claim to see this, but its noticeable only to a select few

And the riverside creatures all gather to gaze at this show
While the artist sits aside on the bank perfecting the scene, pallete in hand
The tranquility is interrupted by the caw of a crow
Which is how this whole mystery assumed to begin

Notice the tomb flowing down the riverside creek
Portrayed elegantly by the shadows enbedded in the dust
As the whispers slip by, so sleek and discreet
They support the destruction of this encirclement of trust

But the artist rendition of the perfection of water has to be fake
Because water is a mystery, put something in it and it breaks


Inside A Carnival

the snow covered the streets like pavement on the canopies. or maybe it was the other way around. a bird perched on a telephone wire struck up a conversation with a man without a mouth. so they shared a beak, and I heard the man speak. he said 'no i dont know anymore, if i could talk id listen if i could listen id talk. just not the other way around.' and the birds wings stretched out, like a picture on a wall, and he blocked the sun from the sky. and the light disolved into carpets and rugs, and with every step we took our feet lit up. oh magical soil, would you make my flowers grow? cause the weather is freezing and when i speak i see my words spelt out in front of me. and the blind man places his fingers upon them, with bumps for braille, he just repeats everything I say. after years of trying to get him to talk, well now he won't stop.
isn't it just funny how some things go? as the bombs begin to settle and the dust rises up through the floor. we all say aloud.
'id like to live alone. did you hear me? i said id like to live alone.'
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Maybe you've heard what the ladies say: "Once you go 77mm you don't go back"
I can honestly say it was the least clumsy of all of them.
"You can never quarantine the past."
I'd vote mystery of the 20th century. The others just seem to be cramming as many adjectives in as possible.
The last one had some highly original content, and generally left me with the strongest feeling, whos piece is that?
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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Long Island.....its in New York.

thanks, I had no idea

well I guess its time for me to vote... and everyone else as well, the deadline is in about 6 hours!
one hour left. I'm still undecided.

Edit: well I went out and apparently came back past the deadline, I would have voted Nelson though, so it doesnt matter.
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Yea, tiebreaker. But UG was messed up for me last night so I couldnt do it.
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