Anyone have any suggestions for a nice tube amp between 300-500$. I like to play 80s metal stuff, so any suggestions?
I don't know about 80's metal, but Peavey Classic 30 has a good clean tone and you can get a good pedal to go with it for 80's metal distortion. What wattage you looking for? What are you going to use the amp for?
Peavey C30 is a great option. I have one, with a boost Metallica style distortion is easy.
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i dont mean to hijack, but how does the peavey c30 + something like the jekyll and hyde and teh genz benz el diablo compare?

edit: because i made no sense.
^Not at all, man. Amp distortion is *almost* always better than pedal distortion, even over a great clean channel.

How about a Laney VC-15? That amp shocked me with its pwnage.
If you could get your budget to $600 or so you'd be in 5150 territory.
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