Hey all,

About to take the plunge and get rid of my GT-6 in favour of the POD 2 plus midi floorboard from a mate. So its a purchase out of convenience, i'll be left with quite a bit of change.

I'm not really looking for 'just pick the one you like' kinds of answers, but real world comparisons of the two.

As I understand it, the POD is not only more practical and versatile for home recording, but can provide equally good sounds as the GT in a live situation. Plus the midi pedalboard with this is larger.

If it can indeed give me the same quality distortions/lead/clean sounds as i'm getting in the GT 6, particularly live, then i'm sold. But the Gt-6 is 'more sexeh'.

Anyone have anything to chip in before I make the transition?
You can use both and switch sounds using MIDI commands to both. It'd be an easy way to at least try them both out, and you can combine and layer sounds using both as well. There are pros for both and cons for neither in my opinion. For the GT, there's no need to have an external MIDI controller since it's floorboard is already in place. The POD probably has better amp models, but it's range of effects might be limited compared to the GT (the GT has tons of assigns and you can really automate the hell out of some of the effects parameters and make some really insane effects out of run of the mill chorus and phaser effects). If you wanted to, you could actually program the GT to send MIDI CC messages to the POD and get rid of the stand alone MIDI controller and wire in both the POD and GT together. If you wanted to use just a tone from the GT, you can program a CC to bypass the POD, and you can do the same the other way around as well, leaving the GT as a MIDI controller for the POD. It takes some programming to get it to work, and I have to admit I haven't tried it myself, but a friend of mine is faced with a similar problem. He's currently using the GT-8 and V-Amp pro and he's looking into getting a Zoom 9.2TT as well. He likes certain tones out of all of these units, but he's trying to reduce problems in live situations. So what we're thinking of is trying a Behringer FC1010 as a master MIDI controller for all of the modelers and using CC commands to switch between them or create layers of all of them together. It should be interesting.
Thanks mate! That shed quite a bit of light. I was initially looking to just do a straight swap pretty much, so i'm still keen to hear any personal opinions of comparisons between the two.

Though after your post, I may consider holding off on selling the GT, to play around a bit...
I lied.

Still interested in hearing any 1 on 1 comparisons of the POD and its ability to cut it live with distortions, to the quality of the gt-6.
I would stick with the GT6 for live use I think.
I've spoke to a guy on another forum who uses his connected to his pre amp using
the 4 cable method and he's well pleased with the results.

POD 2.0's are great I use one for practising at home but I haven't been so impressed when I've used one live.