Hey all,
I was looking on musicians friend, and I found the beauty. This looks like a good instrument and would probably be the last guitar I buy for a long time, so I have a couple questions.

Does anybody own/have played/know someone who owns this guitar?
Is it all it's cracked up to be?
I know most Schecters are for harder types of music, is this more versatile? I'd like to play rock(nothing too heavy), blues, and jazz on this guitar.

As for an amp, I plan on buying a Vox ad50vt in the very near future.
I play a Schecter, but don't claim to know much about their hollowbodies. However, I have purchased a guitar off ebay before without trying it out (it was a PRS Tremonti SE). It is a good guitar with a range of deep sounds, but frankly I think my $400 might have been better spent on an instrument that I had personally picked up to play. As you can see from the Guitar Elimination Brand thread people have totally opposite tastes, so my best advice is to find some way to try the instrument before buying.
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very nice for sure. mmm piezo pickups mean you will be able to replicate an acoustic sound on your guitar. and it will meet your music taste for sure