ok about 2 weeks ago i posted sth about shredding with my pinky leanin on the guitar and they told me dont lean, well i did that and am gettin better now, but i keep noticin whenever i keep decending the neck or doing sth fast my hands just stress. especially my pinky, ring, and middle finger, they get so stiff, and when i decend also the pic just looses its place and kinda curves and gets hard to play with, i tried diffrent ways of holding the pic, few of them worked but they r hard and not comfortable, and i don know what to do about the stress...any advice would be appreciated
also av noticed that petrucci and malmsteen lean on the guitar and they have incredible speed..sooo anyone knows which way is better!!
More or less, it is basically what is more comfortable and what works best.

If Malmsteen likes to lean, and it works for him, he should continue using it.
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Don't anchor your pinky on the face of the guitar. It's going to mess up your hand. Learn to pick without anchoring your pinky. Yes, accuracy is going to be terrible to start off with, but eventually you'll get the hang of it, and then you'll be glad you don't anchor.
i agree with that, cuz common sense says its easier to move to other techniques like tapping, cross hand tapping, sweep tapping, any thing that is other than pickin normally and gettin back to picking again, and now i can pick octave with the pick and ring or mid finger easily, but yeh its stressful..thanks anyways