Can you see the shadows that stalk the night?
Preying on the hopes and fears, of those who live in the night
Broken and twisted beyond repair
The last breath of those they stalk float through the air
To remain forever as memories, devoid of all life

Can you see what has become of those who tried to find
A life of purpose in an ever shifting tide?
A life where they can look to the future with hope
And look to the past without despair
Can you not what they did?!

This is what happens to
Those who try to do
Things that are better left to others
For when they fail, and fail they will
There will be nowhere to hide
and they will find no cover

Can you see the cries of those who suffer?
Lost in the pain an empty life can bring
Living not for love, but to live until the next day
Without nourishment for body and soul
They soldier on with hope they wont fall

This is what happens to
Those who cannot hope to be
More than society would ever want them to be
Left to live and left to die
They are left without a chance for life

Can you not see those who we leave behind?
A life of torment and insanity is what they will find
We leave them be, because we cant understand
They dont know why they are in pain
But they want it to end

Can you not see the good some have done?
To help those in need when no one would come
To help stop the pain and offer their love
We seem to forget them as of late
Because of some other "importaint" debate

This is what happens to those who cant be
As perfect as everyone wants them to be
They shrug aside the unknown assaults
And ignore the ones who are truly at fault

This is what happens to those who will try
To help find the others who are left behind
They go on with the knowledge that they
Will be love only by those they save

This is what happens

this is me rambling schzophrenically about things that piss me off. this is also my first song, so dont be to harsh although i know its not great, crit for crit
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