OK firstly im sorry for asking more of my questions - u could probably make up a whole thread of them already!!!
but i was wondering what a good idea would be for a beginner who wants to get in a routine for practice is. Like warm ups, theory and scales stuff, and some actual playing type of thing or any other suggestions. If theres just a link to other parts of the site which will show me then feel free to post links or whatever.
Let me know
and thanks already
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I just play songs. Then maybe if i struggle with a certain part or technique I just keep practisin it.

Suppose I'm not the best example of 'routine' lol
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try breaking yoir routine into say 4 simple things to get you on your way
1. warm up

use alternate picking all the way and move through all positions on the neck and try different finger positions there are 24 or so different ones.

2.scales start with minor pentatonic, heaps of lessons on the net about this

3. chords start with open chords and then barr chords works on clean changes between chords.

4. bends, slides hammer ons and pull offs. try this lick in different positions through the neck.
h = hammer on
p = pull of
bu bend string to bracketed note
/ = slide up

a very simple lick combining all all the above mentioned

spend about ten mins on each to start then pick a song you want to learn and work on that.
ok, well trigs advice was pretty good so I doubt i can give u much more help, but Im sort of a beginner-ish (or just a really suck intermediate) and i would suggest getting a book such as guitar for dummies and just following through some of the chapters. its more or less the same as that advice but its gives u the exercises if u cant be bothered to make them up
Thanks everyone, specially trigs - thats exactly the kind of thing i was lookin for.
?To young to hold on and to old to just break free and run.?

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