hey peeps. Ive had an epiphone g-310 for a while now and i dont really want to upgrade, i just want a different sound. I luv the chilis and jimi hendrix (funk rock) and i want to sell my g-310 and buy a squire standard strat, are they good guitars?. Another alternative is that i keep my g-310 and buy a standard strat anyway (i have just enough money).

Any help would be appreciated.
I would keep the g-310 personally, but if you want to sell it i would save up for a fender not a squire.
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yeah i was thinking of selling it and buying a mexican made fender, thx mate
Ok ive decided im definately gonna get a new guitar. heres a question, are mexican made fender strats worth the extra money over a squire standard strat??
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I'd definately get the mexican strat over the squier strat, the mexi strat is probably perfect for the music you like.
i own a squire (never play it anymore tho...) and they are not good guitars to buy. if you sell your epi, dont buy a squire, instead save for something you are really going to want to show off. i was almost not game to tell people i own a squire. but, i mean its whatever you want, nobody here can tell you what guitar to buy, i personally dont like squires, but you may love them. for the chili peppers sound you should get a fender 62' - thats what john uses.
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well if i get the 62' strat (my dream guitar) i would have to save for a few years (got not job, in school). so i think ill go for the mexican strat. Thx guys!
yeh get the Mexi Strat but play it before you buy it since theyre are some shoddy ones out there as well as perfectly good ones