Hey i'm pretty new ere but anyway, I saw a cheap Epiphone SG Special on ebay lately so i'm gonna mod it up a bit. A custom pickguard is coming from america atm so i'm waiting for that.

Just wondering what pickups you guys would recomend and what i should do if i wanna add a bigsby?
So,about the pickups,what music do you play.
And Bigsby's are very expensive,but they are quite easy to instal.
i play mainly rock, but i really vary my style alot...
you can get a B-50 (for flat tops) on ebay for $65 US. It aint that bad.
i was wondering about binding, should i just do a paint job on it? or should i buy some of that binding material from StewMac as it's black?
The cheap Epi SG's are really bad wood, and will sound terrible however you mod them.
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an sg would be a pain to put binding on, cos of the contoured shape etc etc. replace the tuners, and perhaps do a rewire.
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