I've always wanted a Les Paul type guitar, not necessarily a Gibson and I'm finally able to afford one. So, trawling through eBay I come across all of these 70's Japanese Les Paul's made by various companies and they all say law suit era. Generally any Japanese made guitar I've played has been better than its US equivalent so I'm tempted to just bid on one of these guitars as they're quite cheap.

Does anyone know anything about them? Are they really as good as original Gibson's as they claim to be?
why do you think Gibson sued them back in the days? if these companies were making **** guitars would you think Gibson would even bother sueing these companies.
Assumed it was because the design was copyrighted not just because they were better.
well yeh that too. true should assume that too (remember the case between PRS Single cuts and Gibson) but then again from what ive heard these guitars are well made