Um are Behringer pedals any good

like ive been looking at them on ebay and them look cheap as hell but I really want a delay pedal and cant really give up $150aus for a Boss right now

(also are they any other harmonizer pedals out there other than the digitech whammy)
my friend bought a behringer wah pedal two days ago and it broke the day after
Well, I've got the booster and the chorus, and those are good, not amazing, but good. The delay may be rubbish though, I don't know, I seem to remember my mate saying it was good, but sounded too digital if you get me?
I mean though, it's £15, if it doesn't work it's not the end of the world.....
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The VD-1 is pretty decent. The other pedals get the job done but arent the best, You should check out the Dano Fab pedals better for tring stuff out.
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well i got an MG
well I just got a weeping demon off ebay for $150aus

im unclear but I heard it has a delay setting?

That is probably the switching off delay when you step off the pedal. The Weeping Demon is just a wah wah pedal.

For delay try the Dano series pedals, as long as you dont gig you could buy the Behringer.
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Since they're almost all clones of Boss, they cant be too bad...
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the wah is the only behringer ive tried and didn't like... but they're WAAAY better than those little danelectro things.

I like the delay, chorus and tube OD. might upgrade the overdrive though, but only cuz I have money to burn =P