get a dmusic next time, less people are going to listen to your song if they have to download it

and i cant even get the song to work.. im not wastin anymore of my time..
Click Free Download, enter the code, and listen. Try a bit harder next time .

About the song, the intro is pretty good, but what gear are you using? It's correct, but the tone is absolutely horrid, and the timing is off, but it sounds like you looped a few different takes. If you keep practising you will get it down, because it wasn't even half bad, just some timing issues which can easily be corrected with a metronome.
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Overrall you had it pretty good, just try to work on the timing a bit more I'd say. The tone also could be better. But anyways, like suicidal said if you keep practicing and try it with a metronome it'll be sounding much better. Especially for someone playing only 8 months.

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what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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well im using my tone works korg to record and im recording it with windows media recorder and my sound card is sh*t thats why the tone sucks and i have to stop and start the recording since it only goes up to 60.
holy ****, dude that is the most heinous recording setup i've ever heard of. Here's what you do, find someone with a version of ACIDpro and ask them to burn it for you (getting it legally is about $250) ACID is an extremely easy recording program with great sound quality. NEXT you need a good preamp which allows you to plug in directly to your computer. I would suggest a Line6 Toneport model because you can get one cheap. Do this now and stop wasting your time.
just download audacity, microsoft sound recorder is crap, thats what i used when i first started recording, it only goes up to 60 seconds, if i remember right you can't multi track it, its just awful. audacity dosen't take up that much space either. the recording was good , except the quality, but thats probally the hardest part of home. recording is getting good quality. good job

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