Alright, so I'm still pretty horrible (I either play my Squire by Fender or my Takamine acoustic electric), but the biggest hurdle I'm having right now, is holding a pick.

All the music I like to play is more or less chordless - Ayreon, FF7 Music, stuff.

What can I do to get more intimate with my pick, because I'm sure it'll be a good thing in the long road.
practice... that's just about it, first of all, if you don't know how to hold a pick properly then learn how to from articles or wherever. And yeah, just practice, you'll get used to it.
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For a long time I just used my fingers, but when I started using a plec I found that it sounded alot better as well is that I became much faster. Just start with easy slow songs, I found that after a few hours practice it became pretty natural.
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yeah I had the same problem, but the key really is just to practise. try playing songs u already know with one over and over. try watching a pro guitarist to get an idea of gow they hold it. in the end it doesnt help u that much its just better for chords and helps u play a bit faster