Greetings. I currently have an Ibanez RGT42 DX guitar and Marshall TSL601 amp. My guitar is equipped with ibanez INF1 and INF2 pickups which arn't very good. Therefor i'm looking for new pickups. I'm still looking for teh style, im really into, but at the moment, i'm learning all the techniques. At the moment i play jimi Hendrix (i have humbuckers, i know), Metallica, Iron Maiden, ZZtop, RHCP and black sabbath and deep purple. Therefor i need something more metal type pickups, but something quite versatile, because i want to play some clean parts too. DO you have any recommendations for me?
Well, money is really not a problem, i quess somewhere about 350-380 $. I'm located in Europe, in Estonia. The problem here is that, we don't have a wide selection at the music instrument stores, but we have a service from where we can order almost everything regarding instruments. From tone knobs to pianos.
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http://www.swinesheadpickups.co.uk/ warthog in the bridge, and condor in the neck imo

Good choice, although I havent installed mine yet
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So, those pickups are a perfect match for my needs, right?
Will the EMG 81/85 make the clean sounds kind of muddy or not that good?
BTW, is ibanez INF1 and 2 50 or 52mm wide. If i have tremolo, then it should be 52 mm, right?
So, are the warthog and condor the way to go, or would the DiMarzio Evolution be better?