I Just retuned my guitar, so I could finally learn some Silverchair tracks.
I really love this tuning, and after I did a pretty awsome acoustic version of "Paint Patel Princess" I wanted to learn more songs in open Db Tuning but could not prevale in my search of tracks (Yap, google wasn't my friend today).

So now im asking you to bring forward and out of the dark all of those sexy songs so You and I could learn.

it doesnt have to in Db open tuning, but please keep it an Open Tuning.

- Jagermeister
...And The Nominees Are
I dunno what kind of music you're into, but Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones did alot of crap in open tunings; open G mostly.
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That IS an amazing song I'snt it?
Weird thing it just started while i read your post...

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...And The Nominees Are