I'll put this out to you all very simple.

I'm a well able singer, and a beginner (in another.... 2 weeks, i'll be a skilled) guitarist. (not only that but i've gotten VERY far with playing proper bass not stupid kind of bass)

Basically i'm trying to get out there - do something which involves performing - it's a passion i want to take outside my bedroom and outside my friends house...

But question is where? how?

I've got songs i want to do, good old oldies to do, and other more well known songs, here's the lineup:
-Time of Your Life - Greenday
-Take it Easy - The Eagles
-Wonderwall - Oasis
-Who'll Stop the Rain? (or maybe 'Looking out my Backdoor') - CCR
-Knockin' on Heavens Door - Bob Dylan

A nice set the crowd can get into, i'm not much a Greenday fan but i'm willing to perform the song if it means the whole chorus with the whole audience singing along.

So far i'm going to try one of the coffee shops down the road from me, i've seen someone with an acoustic in there one friday night, try and do the same
Also, i'm going to rummage around for a music workshop or something, something where a large amount of musicians will gather under a teacher (no, not school).
I'm also considering ringing up a few councils to see what they can do with musicians, maybe that'll help.

I've never been much of a guitarist - i've always been a frontman (also being an actor). So the guitar is merely an aid, lol - but no joke i pic things up really fast, i'm already soloing and have been playing about 2 weeks...

Any help would be appreciated (So much for the simplicity...)

Cheers, Rock On
Before anyone replies i just remembered i'm also doing Brown Eyed Girl as a spare 6th song incase i forget how to play one of them or whatever...

Again any help would be great,
Your plan is fine. But if you want some contacts in teh gig business get into a music school, all teachers have done gigs and know where to go.
well i guess confidence in your ability will definitely NOT be a factor in whatever you want to do... i'm personally a fan of modesty, but whatever.

i would say write some of your own songs, i don't know if you mentioned your amazingly advanced level in song writing or not, but i have a feeling you have tried it.
and after you have some of your own songs i would try to get chosen to open for a band, any band.

but until then playing catchy covers will probably be the way to go, if you only want a solo career. it sounds like being in a band would be holding you back... but yeah. try to get as many shows wherever you can for now.
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A nice set the crowd can get into, i'm not much a Greenday fan but i'm willing to perform the song if it means the whole chorus with the whole audience singing along.

If you want the crowd to sing along in the chorus, play American Pie. I do. It works. I've been playing solo for two years now in various pubs around my area, whenever I play American Pie (I only do the first three verses [and the last verse] though , thanks to it being a damn long song) everybody joins in on the chorus - from the guys in their early 60s drinking a bitter to the guys my own age behind a lager to the women in their 40s drinking whatever it is they drink... basically, everybody. If you want crowd participation in a solo set, that's the way to go.

You seem to have the right idea about getting gigs in the first place though. Good luck.

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