I know you're suppose to increase the tempo by 1bps when you're practicing with metronome but...when should I increase the tempo? People saying increase the tempo when you can play whatever you're praticing perfectly without making mistakes, so right now, I increase the tempo by 1bps if I can play FIVE times in a roll without making any mistakes. Is that how you do it?
um i do the same by playing 5 times through without a stopping, but i increase it by 5bpm - 8bpm...depends what's on the metronome
1bpm at a time seems a bit time consuming IMO. but whatever works for you
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i dont really do much other than just simple exercises when i play to a metronome. im not overly concerned with speed, so i just run through chromatic exercises most of the time. i run up the neck 2-3 times and then up the tempo. i would say make sure you can play it perfectly a few times, but also make sure you spend enough time on it. dont just run it a couple times and move on, make sure you work at it even if it is perfect. i start below my comfort level and still spend time on that to make sure i get warmed up. since i do that tho, i usually up the tempo 8-10 bpm. but then again i never go too far above my comfort zone, so youll want to do less when you start hitting that pace you have to work at.