I played through it at the guitar store and it was an hellova nice tone, is it really good, or was it just that my computer speakers are ****?
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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the crate gt65 is definitely one of crate's better amps. probably their best solid state amp. i almost got one last time i was upgrading. My friends brother who is a sick guitar player (been playing for 5 years) has one and its sounds great with a lot of different guitars and it's pretty versatile. And it's also affordable.
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I have one from a few years ago. It's really great tone wise as well as having 3 different channels, but just be wary if you're going to use this to gig or that I find the more I turn it up the ****tier is sounds. Thus I bought a half stack for live stuff, but for practicing/jamming and that it's pretty decent and affordable