Im playing bass in a metal band and im looking for a new bass combo or stack.
I've spent all day trailing the internet looking for advise but it has been unsucessful can anybody recommend any companies i should be looking at?

To hear the type of metal we play click on the link below

Project Valkyrie

Please help me

Ampeg amps are usually pretty nice
-Ibanez Soundgear SRX3EXQM1 (yeah, long name)
-Fender Rumble 100

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i like that song "The Battle for Valhalla" its amazing and good amps ,my friend was jsut helpin me get a good rig and i would look at hartke's and ampegs
Cheers dudes, i was just hoping to find somewhere on the net that i could say the type of music i played, how many watts then it say "this is what you want" but i will look into the suggestions.

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I would say ampeg, also I wanna CD of your stuff, Its cool,

The album "Battle for Valhalla" is penciled in for release on 28th August and will be released under psychophonic records and will be avalable from HMV, virgin, tower records, amazon.com and play.com

If your on myspace add use as a friend Myspace its also easier to see where we have gigs, if you can come to one make sure you come say hi.
whats your price range?
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Well it cost me £450, don't know what that is is $
Im extremely happy with it.
What model/cab size (4x10, 2x10, 1x15)?

I played a Benz 4x10 a while back and I wasn't really impressed by it. It just sounded plain... nothing special really stood out.

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That's cool I just played the same one last night at my gig. It had the best sound that I've heard in while. I was even going to recommend it.
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I love the extra shape buttons to boost low/mid/treble frequencies, its becoming very useful