Yea i know these get annoying, but I dont know much about higher end amps, tube amps, what makes them good, what makes them bad, and I trust a lot of people here.

But basically I was originally gonna get a SG Standard and a vox ad30vt amp. But everyone always suggests to save for a big ass tube amp or something which is a good idea, but im living in a dorm, im gonna be comming in here drunk occasionally and I dont want some big ass **** that im gonna destroy accidently...

Oh yeah im going to the guitar center i wanna avoid buying off the internet if i can help it.

But like whats the difference between this vox tube amp, and a normal head?

but i think i would want something with some kinda overdrive and gain for that AC/DC sound. Which brings me to my preferences...which i guess would be helpfull...

AC/DC, Metallica, sabbath, pantera, zeppelin, hendrix, srv, van halen, rage, even the red hot chili peppers.

But thanks for reading, appreciate it
I do like that amp, but a 2x12 might take up to much room in my dorm...our rooms are pretty small and I dont know if i could fit that somewhere