Verse 1
Can you feel the holographic
it's so real that I'm afraid
everyone of us is shaking
as we finally come of age.
Sick and tired of the fires
that keep burning day and night
hold a candle to the rope
and promise that we'll swing alright.

Are you waiting
for a day that you like
Are you listening
hearing voices in the night
Do you know now
That it won't go away
No, we won't go away on our own.

Verse 2
tune into your channel
as we got to Memphis live
as our reporter-politician
feeds your fears with blatant lies
every hand is in a pocket
and the pockets grow so deep
you may be hanging by a thread
but you'll get no help from me.

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- PunkFish
I liked the title, but overall it seemed a little orthodox. The words you use are pretty basic and the theme you are trying to portray has been overdone, but I'll give you credit for a couple of good lines:

every hand is in a pocket
and the pockets grow so deep

They were the best lines, in my opinion.

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IT was alright, the flow was a little off in places but for the most part daemonika was right. an over done topic. I didn't liek the title though. anyways you had some good points. but making it area specific (memphis) takes awa yfrom the piece i think. I do like how you described him/her as a reporter-politican though. I thought that was excellent. also should read go to mephis live not got to.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?