I need to find a company or person in the UK who can custom make me a channel and fx loop switch for my 5150. I know exactly what i want but dont know where to go to get it done. Anyone got any ideas?

I want a single switch pedal for the channels with an l.e.d, then I want a small toggle switch on it to activate the fx loop with a seperate l.e.d for that. It needs to be no bigger than a boss pedal and have on in jack for a normal guitar lead to run from amp to pedal.

i seen somthing like that the other day on ebay giv us a sec and i will get you a link
i carnt find a link but the company is calld Napalm and thay are based in liverpool
like a loop foorswitch? is this part of the amp, or a seperate pedal?
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I might be able to help. I've built a fair amount of practice amps/pedals for people, and I'm currently building a tube stack for myself, which is using a lot of remote switching technology (like wireless control pedals). I'm not quite sure what it is you're after, but if you could be a bit more precise or draw a diagram I'll tell you what I can do.
I had a quick look on the net for the 5150, but can't find much about it. I seem to remember it's all tube, so if I was to make what you wanted it might be best to house it in an external box that sits on the head, although it depends on what's inside (PCBs/PTP wiring).