Righto, I've got this bit of wood with 6 strings - and I want to record me playing it.

I've got my computer, I've got my guitar and I've got my audio interface.
The guitar isn't recording, I can record through a mic, but not directly through guitar.

I'm guessing this is because of power - the guitar needs some sort of power from somewhere. Do I need to put it through some sort of pre-amp before it will record? I can record my electro-acoustic into the interface, but its got batteries, hence why I guessed the electric isn't working due to lack of electricity.

So yea... any help guys and girls? Just wondering what the different solutions are...

Thanks for any help,
if your guitar amps got a headphones or output jack then simply buy a cable that you can insert into there and then the other end into the microphone socket on your computer. i dunno where you live but in england you can buy them in places like dixons and most have an adaptor with them for use with your amp type jack.
Yea, I know you can do that. I'm not at home now though so I don't have a decent amp here, I've just been looking for another solution. It's ok though, because I found an old (very old) guitar preamp which was knocking around my study. I basically just needed any sort of powered bridge between my guitar and my interface.
you can first attach it through an effect pedal,and then plug the pedal into the computer
Yup, the problem is I just don't have any effects pedals here. They are all at my student home, not here

Thanks for all the help guys
Yes a preamp would work,but what kind of audio interface do you have.because most have preamps built in.
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It's an Edirol UA-25. It's not just for guitar, its an all purpose audio interface, so no.. it doesn't have a pre-amp build into it. Let the thread die now! Thanks.