ok my friend gave me his ibanez rg 321 and it was all messed up. all the springs were loose and it was missing 3 of the screws to connect the pick up to the ring..my question is...i got all the new screws and crap. but when i screw the pick up into the ring it rises to high do i put the springs on the screw be4 it goes into the pick up or after some one help me this is gettign annoying
hahahaha- im not gettin wat yor sayin

www.stewmac.com - looks in parts/covers- lookat a pup rings- and is that what your talking about

and is it in the guitar- or outisde- it should be totatlly adjustable- maybe you gota a ring that ia s to high? or maybe your trem is set to low?
Take the whole ring off the guitar, put the screw through the ring, then the spring, then into the pickup.
These go to eleven...
Well you don't have to do it tight, as long as the screw is in the pickup. Don't screw it untill you can't anymore. The springs are there to hold the pickup tight, not the screw. The screws are just to adjust the hight.
These go to eleven...
Which means the springs are shyte. Get longer springs and screws, or stronger springs.
These go to eleven...