Hi, i am guitarist in a band and i am pretty satisfied with my abilities. I just consider myself a noob in another area. weve only played a couple really small gigs, and we just played everything through our amps, didnt even mic the drums. Now, we're getting a PA, so i have a question. can you run the lines straight from the guitar or bass straight into the mixer and into the speakers, or will that not be loud enough. will we have to mic our amps and then run that into the mixer? thanks for any help.
you can do it either way. And don't worry, you can still get crazy loud going straight through the mixer, but in most cases you'll probably get a better sound form going into the amps and then either micing those or hooking them directly to the pa.
If you mic the amps, you get the tonal quality that the speakers themselves give to your sound. If you don't care for that, or don't care about it, you can just go from the line out on the amp to the input channel on the PA. Either way works, and it's a matter of your preference.

Try it both ways during practice, and see what works best for you. Then do it.

Alright, thanks a lot guys.

As for recording i think we're gonna multitrack and just mic the amps, but ill try the different ways during practice for playing live.

EDIT - can anyone reccomend a good PA thats not too expensive but woul be good for medium sized gigs, possibly outside.
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