Okay, I'm writing my first song (know just a bit of theory right now, hence this question).
The melody is in the key of D Major, so the chords I'm using are D E and A. The relative minor would be B minor, so I'm using Bm Dm and F#m. So far so good...

But I want a blusey, minor sound to it. If the melody is in D Maj, is it appropriate to stum in Bm for the main parts of the song, then switch to D major for the bridge? (Or would this make the whole thing in the key of Bm?)
Of course, if it sounds good, it doesn't really matter, but as I'm learning the theory behind it, I'm curious to know the 'right' way it's done. Thanks!
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The major third in the E chord would be out of scale. I guess that's OK if you want it like that... Also Dm is definately not compatable with a Dmajor/Bminor song.

On the second question. It is kind of cool sometimes to write a major sounding melody and put the corresponding minor chords behind it. You could switch to a more major sounding chorus in terms of guitar if you wanted to. Whatever sounds better to you.
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Wouldn't the chords of B minor be the same as D major?

So they would be:

B minor
C# diminished
D major
E minor
F# minor
G major
A major

And you can switch keys in the middle of a song.
i would try some suspended and extended chords during the bridge because it adds a bit of tension, which mostly fits a break in the song perfectly - but that's just my opinion

you could just try playing in Bmin and adding a bit of major chords for variation and "color" if you want a bluesy or minor sound
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Cool...thanks everyone. I guess I got the chords wrong initially...I was looking at the first, third and fifth in the scale (new to theory, but I'm learning)
When I was playing around yesterday, none of the major chords sounded like they belonged, so I might just stick with the minor chords after all, except for a short bridge. I'll look into the diminished/suspended chords, that might sound cool...thanks!
"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
--Alice Cooper, on Marilyn Manson.