okay me and a buddy started a punk/pop band and were pretty good. We have been playing for 6 months. We have written five songs all punk nothing emo, but then my buddy wrote this and I thought it was good but way to emo but when he showed it to the rest of the band they liked it. They said it wasn't emo at all
so what genre would you call this

Fragile children are the fall of society.
With there every tear drop comes a raging war.
Beatin til bruised ,beaten til nausea kicks in.
The vomit is the future serial killer's momentum.
Bringing back memories of hate and evil.

that's just the first verse so waht would you say emo or not
Not emo, in my opinion. But in any case, what does it matter if it is or isn't? Pop-punk bands cross the border with Emo constantly. They kind of go hand in hand. Don't hold yourself to one genre just because everyone's making fun of emo right now. Keep with the song, it looks interesting to me.
^what he said. i get really uptight about emo when i write or crip people lyrics, and thats hardly emo at all. use the song, it sounds good. as long as you dont have any fall out boy style power-chord patterns