This is the first time I have posted in this forum... lets see how it goes...


The song Space is kind of an alternative rock song (full band) ... none of us can sing or do vocals very well, but we tried out best to put something there. There is a very strong RHCP influence in this song, that you should be able to hear. Feel free to check out the other song on our site... the quality is a bit better. Its a little more mellow.
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As I have heard it before in various stages, I'm obligated to comment.

It has a strong RHCP influence in the vocals and bass, but the guitar is like post hardcore or something, with again a tad bit of RHCP ala Especially in Michigan. It is an interesting mix. The bass is basically just clicks in the mix, which kind of blows, but the clicks seem to be in appropriate places, lol. The interlude about 2:10 is a welcome break, although the vocalist seems to be a little afraid of putting his all into it, which kind of dampens the mood. The solo about 3:15 is all jfru though. Overall, good song, but looking back it could use a bit of a melody or hook.
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Not bad.. but purevolume must be screwing up your mix. The bass is overpowering damned near everything. In fact its clipping a bit.

It sounds like something my boys would like except for the vox. They're not to fond of vox without a melody.

Wow... Yertle heard it just as I did... very RHCP'ish.

the vocals are definitely very RHCP, but I don't hear it as much in the guitar part
the sound quality could definitely be better, but from what i can hear i really like the drums
the main guitar riff is pretty sweet

just got to about the 2:15 mark, now it sounds a lot like the chili's with the 4 chord progression, i think it sounds pretty awesome

loverall i really liked it, the bridge section was my favorite, it was a little more catchy
like it was said, it could use more of a hook, and the vocals, while they weren't bad, didn't add much or take away from the song

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